Celine Dion’s Health in 2024: Stiff person syndrome and other challenges

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Celine Dion is singer and strong personality, who is facing a serious neurological situation recently, invited at the stage of 2024 Grammy Awards presenting the award for album of the year. For the first time Dion has shocked the stage since she exposed she’s been diagnosed with Stiff Person Syndrome (SPS) in 2022. The neurological condition affects spasms and harms her ability to walk and sing.

But the Grammy Awards helped her to get back her confidence and he will be able to perform again with the upcoming release of a new documentary about the singer.

For her health issues Dion canceled Las Vegas residency in 2021. Next year in December 2022 she announced that she suffered neurological condition and shared her official diagnosis of stiff person syndrome (SPS) that can cause muscles which utilized for singing. As result of Stiff Person Syndrome Celine Dion no longer control her muscles. In early 2022 she shared that she is suffering from a condition called Stiff Person Syndrome.

Through 2024 Dion cancelled her Courage World Tour, however, she announced that she is able to perform again.

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