What is type 2 Diabetes? Symptoms, How to reduce diabetes?

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When a person’s blood sugar becomes too high this condition is called Diabetes. Diabetes is a physical condition where your body cannot produce insulin or the insulin does not work properly. If insulin does not work properly in your body, your blood sugar levels will be high, which will make you sick. In the USA about 4.9 million or more people have suffered from this disease.

To reduce your risk of heat and circulatory diseases you have to know about Diabetes and it’s all information. There are two types of Diabetes like – About 90% of people with diabetes have type 2 diabetes and 8% of people have caused type 1 diabetes.

Pre- Diabetes

Pre- diabetes means when your test results show you don’t have diabetes and your Dr say that you may have diabetes. That means pre- diabetes so right away if you don’t change your some food habits , you have a higher risk of developing Diabetes and damaging your long term health. So, be careful about it because making some changes in your habit could reduce that risk dramatically.

Type 1 Diabetes:

This type of Diabetes have 1 in 10 people specially young adults and children are caused y type 1 diabetes. The people who suffer from type 1 that their body doesn’t make insulin. Insulin is a hormone that controls your body’s blood sugar or glucose levels.

Type 2 Diabetes:

This condition is very common for maximum people and type 2 diabetes is a condition which causes too much sugar in your blood. It can cause serious health issues if you are not conscious about it.

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Understanding Type 2 Diabetes

If you have type 2 Diabetes than you should understand what is it? What is the symptoms? And how you can solve or control this problem?

Type 2 Diabetes symptoms

It is not easy to say that you have Diabetes often. Everyone’s diabetes symptoms is not same,and different person get different symptoms at various times as well as these symptoms can develop gradually. Every people don’t know that they have Type 2 Diabetes. So, these are the symptoms you may have if you are affected by type 2 diabetes –

  • Feel very thirsty always.
  • Peeing more than usual at night.
  • Frequently feel tired.
  • Weight losing that you don’t want.
  • Having obscure vision.
  • Too much itching at your skin and thrush regularly.
  • Cuts and wounds heal slowly

If you are achieving overweight don’t ignore specifically when you notice your belly fat. You should go a specialist Dr and your doctor can diagnose you, assist you how to manage your condition and stop things getting worse.

The Risks of Diabetes

Diabetes can cause a number of health problems over time. Diabetes can harm your heart and blood vessels also it can affect other parts of your body. You have to check up to analyze your health and look out for these symptoms.

Brain– Diabetes affected people are 2-3 times more likely to improve vascular dementia because of blood vessels becoming damaged.

Eyes– Diabetes can damage your eyes and it can affect the blood vessels in your eyes. This is called retinopathy which can cause blindness.

Kidneys– People with type 2 diabetes can harm kidneys very badly and kidneys doesn’t work well at getting toxins out of your body.

Nerves– Diabetes damage the nerves that can lead to loss sensation,pain, tingling, hands,legs and feet.

Feet– There may be a number of issues with your circulation that can damage to ulcers on your toes, and lower limbs. So, if these are not treated over a long time period of time it can be harmful.

Heart and circulatory diseases– Rising too much glucose in the bloodstream damages your arteries which build up fatty deposits. When the arteries that carry blood to your heart It can lead to a heart attack, as well it can cause your brain also.

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Diagnosis and treatment

If you want to reduce and solve Diabetes problem , you have to manage and support from your GP, practice nurse and diabetes specialist team. You should keep your blood sugar levels which means how much glucose is in your blood in check so that your diabetes problem is reduced gradually.

What is Diabetes

Food chart for reducing Diabetes

It is crucial to eat the right amount of food. Eating too much sugar can cause your glucose levels high. So, you should eat less sugar which can assist to keep your blood sugar levels under control and you can loss your overweight.

Remember sugar found in fruit, vegetable and dairy foods naturally that is good for our body. But sugar isn’t just in foods which taste sweet like chocolate,cake or sweetened drinks. All of foods where artificial sugar are included like breakfast cereals, pasta tomato sauce, backed beans, low-fat yoghurts, ready meals. So avoid these foods right away. All added suggars is very harmful for type 2 diabetes patients.

A healthy diet for type 2 Diabetes

Eating a healthy food for weight loss doesn’t mean that how much calories you take or how many food groups cutting out. You can eat more foods that are healthy and good for you such as fruits, vegetables, wholegrains and the foods which contains sugar and high in fat as well as drinks.

People with type 2 diabetes Should take-

  • You have to take semi or skimmed milk, not full fat milk.
  • You should eat fresh fruit.
  • Halve the amount of sugar and try to decrease from there also try herbal fruit teas.
  • Eat natural yogurt with fruit.
  • Green vegetables.

Manage type 2 Diabetes

By making simple changes in your life who suffer from this disease can improve their health, weight loss problem and reduce their risk of heart and circulatory diseases. You have to follow this which will mention –

  • Losing over weight especially if you carry weight around your middle.
  • Do exercises and being more active.
  • Giving up smoking .
  • Avoid chocolate, sugar in tea or coffee, and ice cream.

These way are important to protect yourself from your heart disease, and circulatory issues and also from developing Diabetes and Diabetes related complications in your long life.

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